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The indoor kennel type inventory

In the process of feeding the dog kennel, and can be said to be essential, even if the dog Daily has no fixed residence, will be hung up. And now a lot of dog dog owners are living in the apartment of white-collar parents, for these parents, they most need to layout is an indoor dog kennel. So what are the common indoor kennel?
The dog kennel
Bed type simple Kennel
If your dog is a pet dog reared in indoor or small dogs, so you can steal a lazy dog, no need to deliberately build a kennel, parents can in the corridor corner or a fixed place for it to prepare a “bed” on the line. Can use the laundry basket, a small wooden box to be modified, can also be raised for dogs as a dog with a small home, as long as the heart of layout, let the dog feel comfortable, can become a dog love love nest.
The dog kennel
Box type movable Kennel
Use the box kennels, when a visiting guests, you are not sure whether the guests love your dog, then as long as the dog on the inside, it will not make to the guests, very convenient. And this can also be used for breeding Kennel dogs.
The dog kennel
But if you can combine bed and box, dogs may be more like it. And the layout is good, but also a kind of interior decoration, just like in the house put a doll, as parents, why not? If your dog reared outdoors, don’t worry, we will continue to focus on the follow-up, talked about the outdoor kennel.

Method for selecting dog food for Labrador Retriever

1. bulk Labrador dog food
Most people choose bulk Lala dog food, mostly because the price is cheap, can buy less, see their dogs love what kind of taste, avoid wasting! But to buy bulk Labrador dog food friends must pay attention to the following points:
Container: since it is bulk, we must pay special attention to the containers for bulk grain. A lot of small shops just carry a bag or a big barrel, and the Labrador dog’s seal is very poor and not sanitary enough. Professional bulk containers should be chosen. They have a high strength sealing effect (even if they don’t smell at all).
Health: many local owners do not know their pet love that kind of taste, so every taste to let the dog taste, and the owner would pick up a dog to eat, it seems to be very generous, but not health. Pet owners should be asked to carry disposable sanitary gloves for weighing purposes.
Date: This is the most not guaranteed, because the bulk of the food is not packed, most of the big package, sold out. So the exact date cannot be determined. Recommend a small amount of purchase, pay attention to the smell and luster of dog food when you buy it.
2. bags of Labrador dog food
There are many reasons for choosing dog food in bags, and we strongly recommend it!
Packing safety: in bags, dog food is packaged in a fully sealed package with complete ingredients, production dates, taste choices, etc.. Excellent dog food brands use safe nitrogen in bags instead of preservatives.
Quality assurance: Bagged Labrador dog food in addition to guarantee the production date, taste and nutrition are absolute guarantee! They don’t exist “stale” phenomenon, nutrients are not lost, absolute security.
To sum up, do you have new ideas and understanding about the selection of Labrador dog food? I hope you and your dog are healthy and happy.

Meow hair removal is why

Cat hair loss is nothing new, just like human hair loss. It’s a natural, everyday occurrence. But if she began to fall a lot a lot of hair, let the owner feel wrong, is not their own sick meow?
To solve this problem, all we need to know is, under what circumstances, cats will have large areas of hair loss.
Cat conservation
First of all, seasonal changes can cause cat to moult. When winter comes, the cat body would be covered in thick hair, warm cold cat. When in the hot summer, the cat will take off the heavy winter clothes, put on light and cool summer “”. Therefore, whenever the season changes, the cat will appear physiological hair removal. At this time, the owners do not have to panic, cat hair removal is a normal phenomenon.
However, if the cat appears in other cases of hair removal, it is not a normal phenomenon.
Cat conservation
Malnutrition caused by hair removal, mainly due to lack of vitamin A, VB1, VB12, zinc, iron, sulfur, iodine, fatty acids and other nutrients caused by the body of cats. Cats lack nutrition not only easy hair, and hair texture will appear dry edgy, not smooth.
When the cat adrenal gland hyperfunction, hypothyroidism, excessive androgen secretion, female cat ovarian cyst endocrine disorders, will cause a lot of hair removal. This hair removal disease, you need to go to the clinic for treatment, and then slowly conditioning, strengthening body nutrition, balance endocrine, cat hair removal symptoms can be effectively improved.
The most common symptoms of feline alopecia are caused by parasites such as fleas and lice. Frequent reproduction of parasites can cause the cat to suffer from intractable skin diseases, spots and crusts on the surface of the skin, which can cause inflammation and alopecia. This disease of hair removal, but also need effective treatment, can be effectively improved.
Cat conservation
So, when the owner found his cat a lot of hair removal, do not panic, first of all to clear the reasons for hair removal, and then make a decision Oh ~!

How to choose the Maltese

Maltese dog, also known as the Malta and Malta Island hound dog. Native to Malta, it is one of the oldest European breeds of dogs from the Mediterranean region of the middle ages. Back in the UK during the reign of King Henry VIII, Maltese, with its elegant, beautiful and charming appearance won palace nobility’s favor, and prevalent in society.
Today, Xiao Bian taught everyone how to pick a favorite Mar Zis:
Maltese purchase
Medium size, slightly rounded head to head, nose is black. The amount of good section clear, broad snout.
Ear length, ear thickness, low droop.
Very large, oval in shape, bronze in color, and black in the eye.
The Maltese body close to the ground, strong, short back and chest level, fairly thick and expansion.

Recommended for dog repellent drugs

Fryn spray.
Fulaien both kill and flea and tick control functions, applicable to all cats and dogs with drops the weight of cats and dogs, cats and dogs will each time a tube, interscapular hair aside, the fulaien along the line drops on the skin.
Two, big love drops.
Sarah streptozotocin (nematode) in vivo and in vitro (insect) parasite killing activity.
Three, Bayer worship spoil qing.
Intestinal parasites can effectively kill 99.9% of Bayer Bayer, thanks to get rid of intestinal parasites pet cleanergy common food, only once, you can fight against all parasites.
Four, Ciba 100/500.
A broad spectrum insect repellent that can expel thirteen parasites, including roundworm, nematode, and tapeworm, which are safe and reliable for any age, pregnancy, or lactation dog.
Five, insect repellent.
Using repellents can kill parasites in puppies.
The last thing to say is three times. Regular worms must be removed from the puppy. Keep regular worms from your puppy. Keep regular worms from your puppy.

Star Wang also need?

Our parents occasionally encountered such a thing, the dog followed the parents go out to play, the way to see the other dog partners, because too excited, “rolling on” after a week, mouth or other places actually more than two injuries, this time parents may suddenly helpless, flurried took the dog to the pet the hospital. In fact, parents can also prepare some spare medicines for themselves in order to prevent dogs from experiencing some minor trauma. Xiaobian also cited several commonly used drugs for parents.
Dog emergency drugs
Hydrogen peroxide solution
If it is a common skin trauma, you can use it to clean the wound.
Yunnan Baiyao
If the puppy bleeds, apply the powder to the wound. If excessive bleeding, can be appropriate for the puppy to take some.
anti-inflammation powder
Commonly used and effective trauma anti-inflammatory drugs, smear on the surface of the wound, to bandage, to prevent licking.
Gentian violet
Used in the wound, skin, and growth phase.
Erythromycin Ointment
The wound recovery period can be used and can be used in puppies with purulent skin diseases.

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